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A Great Adventure Starts with a Great Home Base

When you join the arabandu program we want you to focus solely on your Arabic course and your experience in Tunisia. That is why we take care of your accommodation: we know where the best places to live in Tunis are, and we give our best to offer you as many different options as possible. Whether it is a villa at the beach in La Marsa, a modern apartment right next to the arabandu learning center, or a homestay in the center of Tunis, you choose.


A-to-Z support at the airport and beyond

If you wish, we will support you with your visa application, your flight planning, and your pick-up from the airport to your arabandu accommodation. The first steps towards and in a new country can be overwhelming, and that is why we are happy to support you closely in making you arrival comfortable.

Be safe with a custom-tailored insurance

With our insurance partner we offer you three types of insurance specifically tailored to the arabandu experience. Tunisia is a very safe country, in particular in the districts which you will frequent, but a travel insurance is important in any case. We devised three different levels, so that you can choose the degree of insurance which you prefer. Of course, you can arrange an insurance by yourself as well.


Join us for our diverse, weekly activities

Our fantastic reputation and close cooperation with the leading language schools in Tunis allows us to connect you early with Tunisians eager to learn with you and from you. Enter tandem groups, take a culture course, learn to cook traditional Tunisian Kafteji or join us for a weekend trip to different sides of Tunisia – some of them far off the beaten path. Our goal is to give you an incredible Tunisia experience, and we will do so by enabling you to fully immerse in this beautiful country.

Be a guest auditor in lectures at our partner university

Cooperating with the University of Tunis El Manar, we can offer you to join a wide array of Arabic university lectures as a guest auditor. Whether you are interested in political science, Arabic literature, or Middle Eastern studies, this is an opportunity to get insights in the Arabic education system and put your language skills to the test.


Exploring the Ruins of Carthage

Three different empires left their mark on Tunis, and all brought their very own impressive monuments for you to marvel at. In the midst of one of Tunis’ most beautiful neighborhoods, Carthage, you will find Ottoman mosques, former Roman amphitheaters, and ruinous Carthaginian harbors.

Having Traditional Arab Tea in the Medina

When you look for a traditional Arab experience there is no way around Tunis’ historic Medina. Find your way through a labyrinth of narrow alleyways crowded with street vendors, hookah cafés, and Tunisian sweets, and sit down for a traditional Arab thé menthe – maybe you even get to listen to a Tunisian busker and his derbouka?

Indulging in the Nightlife in Gammarth

What would Tunis be without its parties? Nowhere in North Africa will you find people more willing to dance deep into the night, and Gammarth is their place. With one club to the next there’s something for everyone’s taste, and you will soon see that the Tunisians know how to party. If you seek something more relaxed, you will find plenty of beach bars to have a cocktail at.

Relaxing at the Beach in La Marsa

La Marsa is without doubt the Tunisians’ favorite suburb. Located right at the Mediterranean and merely 15 minutes away from arabandu, the long beach will put you under its spell right away. Whether it is a stroll on the La Marsa seafront or dozing off in the sand, a day in Marsa is never a lost one. And if the beach does not convince you, the food from all over the world, cinemas, bars, shopping malls, and the best ice cream in Tunisia will surely do.

Taking Pictures in Sidi Bou Said

When people think of Tunisia, they first think of Sidi Bou Said. With its picturesque houses and streets in the iconic white-and-blue style Sidi Bou Said has become the epitome of Tunisia and the mecca of any tourist in the country. If you walk up the hill of Sidi Bou you will reach Café des Délices, where you will enjoy a breathtaking view over the Mediterranean and the Tunis harbor.

Go Shopping at Avenue Bourguiba

The main street in Tunis ville connects the Medina to the Bourguiba monument. Not only do you find a different café and restaurant at every corner, but also great opportunities to shop both in international outlets and traditional Tunisian shops, in the intense atmosphere of downtown Tunis.