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At arabandu, we want to provide you with the best Arabic-learning experience possible. For this, we will shape the course after your personal preferences: Whether you want to take your time and explore the landscape and culture during your educational stay thoroughly, or learn Arabic as fast as possible is completely up to you. Our three different course types and five levels provide you with the opportunity to vary course duration and content intensity. Working with renown Tunisian universities and using only certified Arabic teachers, arabandu will make sure you make as much Arabic progress as possible in the time frame you choose.


Guaranteed Success for Beginners or Experts

We at arabandu are proud to offer you certified courses to achieve five language levels in general Arabic, from the absolute beginner level A1 to the advanced level C1. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert, we can still teach you a thing or two. You pass consecutively from level to level, until you achieved your desired proficiency and joined a club of 420 million Arabic speakers worldwide. You can vary the course intensity in three ways:


Taking it Slow and Thorough


The Middle Road


If You Have no Time to Lose

Get Communicative

All our certified Arabic courses are based on the communicative language teaching approach, which actively encourages you to communicate in Arabic as soon as possible.

You will be involved in real conversations in Arabic which activates your natural language acquisition strategies similar to the way children learn a language. This enables you to use the Arabic language faster and in a more meaningful and authentic way than other teaching techniques. You will be ordering your coffee in Arabic in no time!

Know Your Progress

No idea where those Arabic classes two years ago left you?

Before the lectures you will take a success-proven placement test, which shows you and us where we need to start. Through our regular progress checks you are able to see how far you have come and if you are on track with your goals.

Proficient in Weeks

To progress one language level, whether from A1 to A2 or from B2 to C1, it will take you around 120 hours of Arabic class in the Arabandu learning center. How fast you complete these hours depends on the course type you choose. During this time, we at Arabandu will be your contact and partner at your side to make sure you achieve your desired learning targets with the best possible experience.

Want to see how your Arabic skills are before choosing a course? Try out our assessment form!


Care for variety?

In Tunisia, most locals speak the Tunisian dialect which combines Arabic, French, and Berber influences. Due to its main role in public life, it is an essentially informal language with easy grammar that is focused on speaking and understanding. As such, it is very easy to learn and a good starting point for Arabic dialects. You can be sure to impress the locals when you start talking not only in their official language, but in their very own dialect! Please note, however, that the Tunisian Arabic and High Arabic are often different, and Tunisian proficiency does not enable you to speak High Arabic.